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Lara is a designer, a maker, a drifter and a dreamer. She has always imagined a more simple world. One where folks make everything they need to be self sufficient and sustainable.

Lara has decided to create Hide & Hive Dry Goods in an attempt to make this simplicity a bit easier to attain. Every material she uses comes from a natural source whether it be cowhide, sheepswool, beeswax, or any other of the other materials or ingredients used to create her products.

Each product that Hide & Hive offers uses artisanal techniques or recipes derived from old world sources. Our leather goods are created using classic western leathercraft techniques. Our yarn and other wool goods are made from scratch using time tested techniques including hand picking and carding raw wool and spinning our yarn on a wooden spinning wheel. Our candles are all hand dipped and poured and our conditioning and skin care products come from tried and true old world recipes.

Thank you for your support of Hide & Hive Dry Goods and taking the next step toward creating a more sustainable and self sufficient world.